Summer party at the Ramon Noguera Foundation


On the 13th of June, we celebrate the summer party with all the users of the services of the social area (residential reception and day care). This year, we wanted to make a special party and instead of celebrating one in each center, we met all (some 200 people between users and workers) to do activities and a good meal at the colonial house L'Ocell de Corçà . As a novelty, we also wanted to homenajear, for the first time, all the people that have been in our institution for more than 35 years. In total there were 15 people, who received a recognition:

Consol Bartolomé, Glòria Parramon, Gumersindo Elías, Joan Pujolar, Jordi Pascal, Josep Lloveras, Paco Velasco, Pepe Ramon Ortiz, Pere Maureta, Victoria Bahí, Jordi Coll, Remei Valls, Josep Bayé and Juan Antonio Díaz.

You can see this photo, along with the managing director of the entity, Pepita Perich, who also had his recognition.

The program of the day was as follows

11: 30h - Zumba for everyone with instructor Kat Herrera

12: 30h - Choreography carried out by Cesc Masó's physical activity technician with users Sergi Asensio, Andrea Álvarez, Marta Ferrés, Lluís Sánchez, Mercè Méndez, Romina Pasten, Sandra Aguilera, Sònia Martínez and Isabel Muñoz

1:00 p.m. - Speeches by the managing director, Pepita Perich and President Salvi Amagat, and awards ceremony

2:00 p.m. - Dina


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