Protagonists of the video on the Values ​​of the Ramon Noguera Foundation


This past June, a pilot project was created that had its origin in the need to make members of the services of the social area of ​​the Grup Ramon Noguera Foundation knowledge and dissemination of the values ​​of our organization ( commitment, cooperation, innovation, trust and entrepreneurship).

To develop the project, a Securities Commission is created so that a representative group of users understand these values ​​and decide how they want to spread them among their peers, proposing actions and carrying them out .

As a pilot, for now only one of the centers of the organization, the Montilivi occupational center, which has 84 users, has been carried out. The commission has 15% representation of these users (12 people). Two actions were needed to carry out this commission.

Securities Commission

The meeting of the Securities Commission took place on June 1 and was developed as follows:

- Exposure of the objectives of the meeting
- Explanation of mission, vision and values ​​of the Ramon Noguera Foundation Group
- Debate about the values ​​applied in the daily life of different areas of the organization
- Brainstorming on possible actions to spread the values
- Vote on the two actions to be carried out. At this point, the dates and the way to develop the two most voted actions, which are an exposition of stories and drawings, and the recording of a video about values, are also defined.

Action 1: Exhibition of stories and drawings

In this action, 100% of the users of the center participate. To facilitate the development of the action, a value is assigned to each group, this value is explained and tools are provided so that the user can represent it through a drawing or a small story. The resulting drawings and messages are exposed to a visible place in the center so that all users can share them among them.

Action 2: Recording a video of the Values

The video is created with images of the development of the first action and other images and audios prepared for the same video. This material will be used to see it in the center so that the users can finish understanding and internalize the values, and as an example to see in the other centers.

Here you can see the result of the action:

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