OLINET project collection of domestic oil in Sarria de Ter


This new activity group success led in this case by the Foundation Ramon Noguera has, it also has the support of the City of Sarria de Ter, is a very firm commitment to preserving the environment and improve the employability of people in employment difficulties.

The "Sarria Olinet" to create and maintain jobs for people with disabilities who are responsible for collecting the containers filled centers which have been distributed containers, transport them to the facilities of the Special Employment Centre , clean them so as not to contaminate the public water and prepare the waste for subsequent conversion into biodiesel.

For the collection will facilitate access to recycling containers by location of collection centers as more people are coming together of the local Social Rasa, the local Social Plan Horta, the Civic Centre cooperative and the Montserrat Choir school, while you can distribute the household OLINET all households Sarria.

The domestic oil collection campaign by OLINET package aims to achieve 100% reuse through its transformation into biodiesel.

The oil is used household waste that is one of the main causes of pollution by sewage basically bad habits, recycling and the little bad habit to pour it into the sink, the toilet or throw it the trash, and this action is to contribute to reducing water pollution of the soil and increase environmental awareness of the public regarding the use of polluting waste and used household oil.

The collection of this waste is an initiative that involves environmental benefits very important because, on the one hand, reduces the source of water pollution of the soil, and secondly, minimizes the impact on climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the recovery of this waste as a biofuel.

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