Mixed adapted rugby day with the GEIEG


On Saturday 16 October, the rugby and adapted sports sections of the GEiEG (Grup Excursionista i Esportiu Gironí) and the Fundació Ramon Noguera, organized a day of mixed rugby ability . It is an inclusive rugby modality in which people with and without disabilities participate and play together.

The aim of this event was to get to know this sport and enjoy a day together. The day consisted of a training session that began at 11 am and was attended by veteran players from the GEIEG section, parents of children from the rugby school and six athletes with intellectual disabilities from the Ramon Foundation. Walnut.

Vitoria-Gateiz was the first rugby club in the state to host a mixed ability rugby tournament. Technicians and leaders of the GEiEG section contacted members of the Basque club to find out how this type of inclusive rugby works. For the past three years, the rugby and adapted sports section of the GEiEG have been working to take this initiative forward. Five months ago, when it seemed that the pandemic was beginning to subside, the technicians of both sections, together with those of the Ramon Noguera Foundation, resumed the organization of this first day which finally took place at the rugby stadium. of Palau.

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