MinAqua demonstrates a 25% saving in water washing vehicles treating wastewater naturally


The project results were presented MinAqua, which developed simultaneously facilities washing trucks Foundation Ramon Noguera has a Montfullà (Bescanó) and of Gureak in San Sebastian

The European Life MinAqua, led since 2012 by the Foundation Ramon Noguera, comes to an end. After nearly four years of development, the team has implemented that can be demonstrated that the water-saving facilities washing vehicles, using innovative detergents and processing of natural wastewater. Tomorrow will present the main results achieved in a workshop to be held at Science and Technology Park of Girona, which includes a visit to the pilot plant washing vehicles Montfullà.

The main results obtained in the different aspects of the project are the optimization of the operation of the washing of vehicles as part of the study; the formulation of new detergents and waxes more sustainable, getting better biodegradability of products and negligible toxicity; the viability of the three pilot systems to treat wastewater generated by washing cars and that it can be recovered and recycled in the same facilities; and recycling of treated water, making the hydraulic connections between systems necessary pilot plant and machinery washing vehicles, which allowed to save up to 25% water network.

MinAqua Life is a European project funded by the EU LIFE program, mainly for the purpose of obtaining a technical solution that allows environmental and minimize the consumption of mains water used in the washing of vehicles and reducing the volume and pollutant load of wastewater generated in this activity. He had a budget of € 1,288,377 of which € 626,859 has been contributed by the European Commission. The initiative began in September 2012 and will be completed by this coming September.

The project was developed in parallel with vehicle washing facilities that the Foundation Ramon Noguera has a Montfullà (Bescanó, Girona) and Gureak of San Sebastian, in collaboration with the University of Barcelona, ​​IQS Aqualogy. This is a pilot project transferable to other vehicle washing facilities with similar characteristics. Among the achievements, it also emphasizes the promotion of a municipal ordinance, last April, which aims to promote water saving activities in the municipalities of greater consumption, incorporating for the first time, an article dedicated to the recycling of water in these facilities. This has promoted and worked with the municipality of Bescanó, although it is a tool transferable and is available to all municipalities, whether or not water saving ordinance. At the end of the project also envisages the publication of a guide to good practice for vehicle washing facilities.

Foundation Ramon Noguera is specialized in the creation and management of centers and services for people with intellectual disabilities and children with disorders in their development. This organization conducts activities from two areas, the labor and social attention given to more than 900 people throughout the year and has 260 employees, 115 of those with disabilities. Washing vehicles Montfullà is one of the facilities available to the Foundation with development of its activity.

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