First-person workers. Cristian in the car wash


The Laundry Car Wash, located in the Mas Xirgu estate in Girona, is one of the best-known services of the Ramon Noguera Foundation, especially among the people of Girona.

At El Lavat we offer comprehensive cleaning services for cars. We have a washing tunnel for the exteriors, and we do the manual cleaning of the interiors (glass, board, suction, etc.).

Today we retrieve an article published in the magazine where Cristian González, a laundry worker, tells us about his experience at the foundation.

"I'm Cristian González and I've been working at the foundation since April 2, 2008. I started washing the interiors of two cars and I still remember how Teresa López taught me how to make glass.

The next day was April 3rd, and that day I was already with my classmates. On my first official day I was on line 4 making the frames for 16 cars.

I’ve always been in this section. I've been in the car wash for 13 years. My job is to keep the cars clean. I enjoy being with my classmates day in and day out, the relationship is good, and my foundation experience is good, because every day I learn something new.

This job gives me a job to move forward and be able to continue with my future projects. For example, in the mornings I work in Car Wash and in the afternoons I make videos for Youtube, a project I started on August 2, 2015. And on Tuesdays I train in basketball and I'm very happy with what I do in my day to day."

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