Delivery of diplomas to the 2nd. promotion of students from the foundation's training programs


On September 24, the closing ceremony took place with the students who participated in the training actions of the 2020-2021 academic year, a total of 49 people.

The event, held in the new facilities of C / Indústria 16, where the training programs have been developed since the beginning of the course, was attended by students and the entire team of trainers and counselors.

Attendees were able to view a video with the interventions of the participants of the courses and then proceeded to the delivery of diplomas and edges.

During the 2020-2021 academic year, various training actions and programs have been carried out, always ensuring that the aim is to provide tools, knowledge and resources for quality employment.

The courses that have been carried out have been:

- Professional technical training in auxiliary trade activities.

- Certificate of professionalism in cleaning surfaces and furniture in buildings and premises.

- Technical training for gardening professionals.

- Professional technical training in basic bar operations.

These training actions have allowed 39 people to put their knowledge into practice through non-employment internship agreements in companies in the province of Girona. At the same time, 16 job placements have been achieved.

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