Workers CET First Person: Dolors Serra


Author: Dolors Serra, worker at the Fashion and Accessories Store and the Laundry.

Seven years ago I arrived at the Ramon Noguera Foundation. It came from the healthcare world, after detecting an illness that caused me to leave my profession. Everything was new to me and I was afraid of being unable to stand up and being able to assume everything I was asking for.

Little by little I was adapting thanks to my children and my children; They and they taught me what was the spirit of overcoming and that life did not limit you, that these limits only we put them. I have to say and loudly they have taught me more to them than to me.

In the Store , the work is very varied and relaxed, offering our customers clothes, shoes, accessories and the costume jewelry that make our boys and girls of the occupational centers, which each season are overcome presenting a new collection. This means that the customer can understand that what he buys has a very important added value.

Seasonal changes are very intense, but at the same time very fun with Dolors Punsí. With her I learned everything I know now, since for many years I was at her side placing and removing the clothes of the new season and refining the shop windows, an important part of the store since it is the first image that has The customer before entering.

After a while, there was a new challenge, Laundry . I thought "how will you do it if you have no idea?"

And then I thought "why not? Apply common sense and everything that the mother taught her. " The truth is that it has served me a lot. I also have to say that my manager at that time, Àngela, helped me a lot with his knowledge.

And here I am, working at the Store and Laundry with my girls, forming a good team, with enthusiasm "as says in Mas." When I tell them that always causes them a laugh and that makes me very happy to see them happy.
It is a very rewarding experience and it makes me grow as a person a little more every day. Thanks for being as your salary.

Article published in the Annual Magazine of the Ramon Noguera Foundation 2017. Read more articles: MAGAZINE FRN 2017

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