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Author: Cati Sala, worker of Car Wash.

I'm the Cati When I came to Girona, in 2008, I lived with my partner, in Xavier Dalmau, and with my father.

In July 2018 I started working as a cleanser in the Diputació de Girona and I liked it very much. Then, in 2011, I started working at the Ramon Noguera Foundation with Xavier Pidemunt, and we are very happy to be able to work there because many people are working with the foundation. They also have a lot of patience because each person is a different world.

Xavier Pidemunt and I have been working for four years and I hope that they can be many more years with them. In fact, the workers are very muddy. And we had a great time I, for my part, am very happy to have a stable job every day.

There are very good people in the foundation, both the "bosses" and those in charge and the workers.

Well, now I will explain to you what my work consists:

I'm in car wash . When the car has passed through the tunnel, then the client is advised to place it on the lines. I dry the car and remove the mattresses. Then we make the glass and, finally, the polish, and we tell the customer if he wants us to put an air freshener.
I and my colleagues try to make the car well so that customers are happy. Also, at times, I have to put the washing machine to wash the dirty cloths. I hope you like the magazine a lot.

Article published in the Annual Magazine of the Ramon Noguera Foundation 2016. Read more articles: FRN MAGAZINE

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