Three out of ten people with special difficulties in the Incorpora program have entered the world of work


Despite the health and social crisis we are experiencing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a total of 48 people with special difficulties have been able to participate this year in the courses promoted by the Success Cluster through the Incorpora program of the Foundation "the Box". 70% of the people served in these occupational programs have completed the training with a diploma and 33% have been employed in one of the collaborating companies. The data were announced today during the traditional award ceremony, which was held virtually and had the intervention of Joan Romero, CEO of the Agency for the Competitiveness of the Company, ACTION.

The 'Incorpora Training Points' are a pioneering training initiative adapted to groups with special difficulties that allows qualified and qualified training for the improvement of employability and for the development of a work activity. The Training Points want to be a key piece that helps to consolidate people at risk of social exclusion and special difficulties (severe mental disorder and intellectual disability) in the workplace and ensure a profitability of the people inserted.

In the last year, three areas of training have been developed: Basic Auxiliary Trade Operations Course, taught by the Ramon Noguera Foundation; Business Operator Course, given by Fundació Drissa; and Large Surfaces and Warehouses Repository Course, by Astrid-21.

In total, 48 people have been trained, of which 11 have done internships and 16 have been employed in one of the companies that collaborate with the program. The students have been men and women between 16 and 56 years old and with a degree of disability ranging from 33% to 65%.

During the presentation of the data, Anna Güell, manager of Ecosol and member of the Success Cluster, stressed that the students themselves “value very positively the training action with the company and consider that the internships have helped them to improve their personal development, to regain confidence in themselves and consider that it will help them to find work and progress professionally ”. "For this reason - he added - it is necessary to generate more alliances with the business sector in order to continue working for the employment of the people we serve."

The award ceremony took place online and could be followed live on Youtube. During the event, the Incorpora awards were also presented, with which the entities of the Success Cluster recognize the work of the participating companies. This year the companies Setitrans SL, LafCarr, Carns Bassó, Òptimus and Tradeinn have received this recognition.

Jaume Farré, director of the Social Inclusion Area of the “la Caixa” Foundation, congratulated all the students who obtained the diploma and who “will surely soon be working in a company in Girona” and highlighted “the capacity of the technicians of labor insertion of the entities of the Cluster to reinvest in these difficult moments to be next to the people ”.

The event also had the special intervention of the CEO of Action of the Ministry of Business and Knowledge, Joan Romero, who highlighted the importance of the social economy within the Catalan economy. “The social economy accounts for 2% of GDP and there are 180,000 jobs linked to this sector. It is clear that you are a very important sector and that you will also play a prominent role in the recovery of the economy ", he stated. Romero gave a talk entitled "Prospects for the future of the Catalan economy", during which he expressed his conviction that in 2022 it will have been possible to reverse the current situation of health, social and economic crisis. “We need a transformation, to take on the challenges of digitalisation and sustainability, but we have the necessary elements to do so. If we continue to collaborate and work together, we will succeed, ”he added.

The closing was given by the Mayor of Girona, Marta Madrenas, who thanked the entities of the Cluster for having maintained this day despite the difficulties and limitations arising from the restrictions due to the pandemic. "With this event, give recognition and give visibility to the efforts of certain entities and people, and it is important to do so because this brings encouragement and removes frustration," said the mayor, who also wanted to highlight the work of the technical teams of the entities and the involvement of the five recognized companies.

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