How to fill the leisure hours of fun and healthy


What is Sport and Recreation Program?

This program consists of different sports and leisure activities offered to adult users of the Foundation Ramon Noguera. During the year, scheduled leisure activities such as theater, therapy dogs, monthly outings, summer trip or summer camps, computer, "the Gang"; sports training and competitions such as football and basketball, and skiing weekend. The range of activities is renewed annually.

What is the purpose of the program?

The aim is to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities through the practice of activities and recreational sports. Use leisure and sport as a way for more social inclusion and for this reason we develop all activities in community settings. Each turn from activities consists of material and human resources necessary to carry them out.

What are the activities that you think have been most rewarding for users of the program?

Of the many activities we do, with regards to leisure, personally I think the theater is one that has more positive results because not only work the play, but there are some psychological, pedagogical and social very important works while the fun: theater is therapeutic. Similarly, therapy dogs is also very rewarding because they work many important issues such as mental and cognitive stimulation, concentration and memory, and is done so that the person enjoys through relationship with the animal.

In the case of sports, the Mediterranean International Cup tournament (MIC Integra) involving the players of the football team, is also very nice, as part of sports, also work and many other values enjoy themselves very well.

What experience would you highlight?

Highlight summer trip. This activity is very beautiful, where a small group of boys and girls were the foundation for a travel destination for 5 days. Typically, each year tend to participate themselves so beautiful is a link between them and with the monitors that accompany them. I have accompanied me for the last six years and each time has been special, with many stories to tell.

What organizations are working with the program?

We work with different organizations such as Special Stage (theater) ACELL (sports competitions and holidays) RATIO (holiday) CATC (therapy dogs) also participated in the football league with teams from other social organizations of the province The Girona as Beech, MAP, stars, and Forward Together, VIMAR, ALTEMIR and Dolphin. However, we are open to any collaboration to improve and share experiences.

What do you like this job?

What I like is to see them enjoy the activities they do, and if over used to achieve goals or to improve any area of ​​a person, I am more than satisfied.

Why do you think this program is useful and necessary?

It is very necessary because it improves the quality of life of people with intellectual disability contributes to social inclusion and promotes interpersonal relationships and self-determination. And also, and most importantly have fun by!

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