Held the 11th Volunteer Night in Girona


On Friday November 18th was held 11th Night of the Volunteering Municipal Sports Pavilion Girona-Fontajau, which was organized by the Catalan Federation of Social Volunteering. Representatives and volunteers of the Foundation Ramon Noguera also attended.

The goal of the Volunteer Night was to acknowledge the work of all the volunteers Girona entities working in the social, environmental cooperation, cultural, leisure, local, etc. The event was attended by the Minister of Welfare and Family, the Mayoress of Girona and President of the Catalan Federation of Social Volunteering.

The event was an audiovisual Images Volunteering, which reflected the work of volunteers in different areas of the entities.

He also delivered two volunteer awards thanks to the collaboration of the Fundació Antoni Serra Santamans and Eurofirms Foundation.

The program of the event, which was hosted by journalist Gil Girona Costa, was as follows:

- 19.00 Welcome reception and volunteers Pavilion Fontajau
- 19:30 Opening of the act, by the representatives of the institutions
- 19.50h Screening: Volunteer Images
- 20.00 Intervention "Communicating for change" by Mr. Mohamed El Amrani, social communicator and Entrepreneurs
- 20.20h Volunteer Awards: Fundació Antoni Serra Santamans and Eurofirms
- 20.50h Musical performance by soprano Chantal Botanch, baritone Xavier Mendoza, with Quim Solà piano
- 21.15h Performance by the theater company Cascai
- 21.30 Buffet cooked by Ramon Noguera Foundation and served by students in the classroom catering Casal dels Infants Salt, and the youth group project Ksameu Figueres
- 22.30 Farewell

Who wanted, could contribute bringing food to benefit the Food Bank Foundation of the surrounding region.

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