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Authors: Joan Vera and Agna Egea, Direct Care Personnel of the Residential Home VIII of Girona.

New people totally different each one, contribute their virtues in a common space. They converge between values ​​and norms, to have a good harmony and to coexist among them.

We talk about people with intellectual disabilities who need help during their day to day in order to achieve optimum personal and social development. In this sense, the work of home-based professionals is essential. We try to find the balance between fun and routine.

The day begins at 7:00 in the morning, when they get up for breakfast and do their homework. Then, go to the occupational center where they perform their day. During this 1h30 a lot of movement is concentrated, as it is a common schedule for everyone.

Upon returning from the center, around 5:15 p.m., they ate fruit or yogurt, trying to maintain a balanced diet and thus enhance healthy lifestyle habits.

It aims to foster the autonomy of people and their social development. For this reason, we carry out a wide range of activities during the afternoon, either individually or collectively; Football, basketball, zumba, computer science, theater, swimming ...

An activity of leisure takes place one afternoon a week. That day is the most desired by the boys. Through assemblies at home, professionals listen to the demands of the users. To give you an idea, the activities that have had more votes during the year are: go to the cinema, do dinner out, ask for pizza at home or play bowling.

Every day in the afternoon, after doing their activities, everyone performs their personal hygiene tasks. Always with the supervision of the professional in case you need this support. Our role in this area is to promote good hygiene habits and care for your image.

Weekends are more dynamic and we can spend more time at leisure. We take advantage of cultural, sporting, leisure activities, etc.

The professionals we work here have the utmost that this is the home of the users. We are here to facilitate your life and your personal and social development, always taking into account the specificities of each one.

Article published in the Annual Magazine of the Ramon Noguera Foundation 2017. Read more articles: MAGAZINE FRN 2017

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