A piece of our history. The witness Alfonso Noguera


Foundation Ramon Noguera has reached the 2015 half century of working to ensure the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities. The current Group Foundation Ramon Noguera was born as Angelus Association, founded the first association of families in the Girona area, under the presidency of Ramon Noguera Sabater. Explains one of his sons and a member of the Board, Alfonso Noguera:

"In 1965 I was 15 years old and was the youngest of five brothers, fruit of the marriage of Ramon Noguera Sabater and Elvira Pujol Hosta. Of these brothers, the third was Mª Carmen with severe intellectual and physical disabilities .

I remember a happy childhood and adolescence in our family, but all this happiness and circles through dedicated as possible to my sister. In those years, my older siblings already studying outside Girona and I was youngster who lived at home with my parents and Mª Carmen.

When I look back and I remember those days as the days passed, months and years is when I think history repeats itself: the house of my parents was the first Foundation Ramon Noguera.

I say this because since 1942, the year he was born Maria Carmen, my sister had an early attention in those years centered on Barcelona doctors and medical centers in order to meet developmental disorders presented.

Confirmed their physical and intellectual disabilities, spent in residential care within their own family home, trying to provide you maximum comfort for its day day, taking special care of their diet, hygiene and routine daily, with the help of outsiders who were considered family.

Fixed the welcome we provide a Medical Day Care. I do not remember their names, but the faces of several teachers who instruct all their dedication to Mª Carmen in reading, writing, history, religion, simple math, with the aim of achieving the maximum social integration .

When that we began their integration SOCIAL WORK, it was as easy as telling an "art dealer" was interested in the precious paintings Mª Carmen drawings painted on the mother. It had a small source of income is not necessary to say that the dealer was Ramon Noguera-.

This work was made the field of leisure services and sports, and here parents and siblings helped by persons very dear complementàvem us to walk with our sister wheelchair around Girona, outings by car on Sundays to go to church St. Joseph, and spent summers in a country house where Maria Carmen enjoyed the relaxing baths in the pool, and where the brothers were suffering hard to the great difficulty of his physical disability. And all this dedication with a yes and a no, a laugh and cry like a brother to the gang.

All this work and love of my father towards his daughter Maria Carmen, along with their personal circumstances, both in business and in the political world of those years, and especially entrepreneurial spirit (so fashionable nowadays) led him to want for those children and families affected, as he lived it, the same or better than he had done and still do for his daughter.

And so begins the story of the current Foundation Ramon Noguera, with the creation in 1965 of "subnormal PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION Angelus" with address in Girona Citizens 18 and chaired by my father Ramon Noguera.

I feel I have to name the people who originally accompanied this project would not have been possible without their collaboration. According to the statutes were: Jaume Brugada Dilmé, Benito Thomas Bosch, Emilio
Alena Gironella Dillet Pedro Puig Francisca Desvilar Coldecarreras, Madrenas Narciso Ribas, Manuel Rodriguez Fernandez, Pedro Porqueras Feliu, Jose Maria Roura House, Antonio Agustín and Abel Ferreiro Dupont Jou.

From my current position of trustee of the Foundation Ramon Noguera honor I owe President Salvi Hidden, who asked me to hold this great office, all I do is bring a bit, even feeling, hearing and seeing the Foundation Ramon Noguera history repeats lived in our house. I see Hidden Salvi and Pepita Perich taking the difficult daily task of management and weight of this great family. I see all the members of the Board of Directors and centers like the brothers pushing the cart. I see all the wonderful people who work in the Foundation as they help my family in various fields towards Mª Carmen. I am washing the car, gardening or shop laFundació as the "art dealer" that provided the income.

This story repeated only one BIG DIFFERENCE: we all did it solely by Mª Carmen, and today, all these fantastic people Foundation work for hundreds of children, boys and girls.

I as the founder, and his name, I have a very special memories and gratitude for Pepita Perich, whom he called the "secretary." We often remember the great love he had and his personal worth, which over time has proven so.

And as a son of the founder let me repeat that for granted fails to hit me, a few years before his death, some day, even walking in front of the beautiful facilities at the Foundation Ramon Noguera Mas Xirgu, my father told me: "you know who to blame for all this?" and then added, "your sister Mª Carmen."

For 50 years! Next. "

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