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What you can find in our store?

· Artisan fashion accessories designed and made in the foundation: pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets.

· Floral inspired craft pieces and photo frames, also produced by the entity.

· We also sell footwear and other accessories such as scarves, umbrellas, scarves, bags, etc.

You know how we make handmade gifts?

developing parts

As we start working?

When we design new collections, to consider the aesthetic tastes of the people who led our creations. So each year, renew and innovate models and experimented with different techniques and materials

We first designs

First prototypes in a design that involves our users in order to ensure that we are able to develop them independently. This aspect is very important in order to be readjusted eg models in their abilities

developing parts
developing parts

Born Collection

Of the various proposals of the creative team, will assess what the models will be sold for the next season. Once the choice, will make a start for the new collection is ready to present in October

These pieces are made with the heart, with the effort of every day with perseverance and dedication. For all of us, but especially for our users, satisfaction is highest when people recognize this work buying and appreciating a job well done

developing parts

"For our users, satisfaction is highest when a person recognizes this work, buying and appreciating a job well done"

Store Brands

We have chosen a selection of brands with great affection for you

Where is the store?

The Foundation is always somewhere to park. We have our own parking in the same Foundation

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